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DLSG at the Singapore Zoo

24 December 2011

On our second day in Singapore, we went to the Singapore Zoo.

We took the train to get to the zoo. This is the Bugis station, which is a walking distance away from our hotel.

We got off at the next station, City Hall. We got off here to interchange to the North-South line from the East-West line.

This station is Ang Mo Kio. We got off here to take the bus that would get us to the zoo.

This picture was taken on the way to the bus stop. Bus 138 would take us to the zoo.

We spent our day here at Singapore Zoo.

When we arrived there, we were met with an insanely long queue for the tickets. Fortunately, they opened another line so the  queue was greatly shortened.

We had to stop immediately since Gian was hungry.

My family and I at the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo didn’t have the foul smell we expect from zoos.

This animal here is a false gharial. It’s alive mind you. As to why it is called “false” is beyond me.

Me and Mama on the way to the white tigers.

White tigers!  They were asleep when we first saw them.

Behind my brother is a pygmy hippo.

There were kangaroos as well. Kangaroo actually means “I don’t know.” When a foreigner came to Australia a long, long time ago, he saw a kangaroo and asked an aborigine what it was. The aborigine didn’t understand, I think, so he replied “Kangaroo”. The foreigner mistook that for the name of the animal. And ever since, the animal was called Kangaroo.

The farthest Kangaroos can jump is around 12 meters!

From here, we took the tram to go around. It was still raining but luckily the tram had large plastic sheets to protect us from the rain. Unfortunately, we sat in a row where rain could go through the gap in the sheets. We didn’t get that wet though.

We had lunch at Ah Meng, a restaurant named after Ah Meng, the orangutan who was the zoo’s mascot until she died in 2008. It was pretty crowded and we had a difficult time finding a table. We eventually found one, and I had a nice lunch of roasted chicken rice. It was my favorite meal in Singapore. The chili crab could’ve been my favorite, but we only got to eat it once and it was served in a very small quantity.

After lunch, we went to the marine mammals and birds section, where we saw manatees, pelicans and cute penguins. Unfortunately it rained again. (Fortunately, the rain was there to bug us for the first two days only.)

Penguins! Their cage is air-conditioned, of course. It was our first time to see these cute little birds.

We also got to see some reptiles, like giant tortoises and a komodo dragon. The giant tortoises were really big. It was our first time to see them that big that we were surprised. (Sadly, the pictures were on our other camera which got lost on our last day in Singapore.)

Life is hard for baby Komodo Dragons. Adult Komodo Dragons will try to eat them, so they’ll have to climb up trees to avoid being turned into dragon food. This is obviously one of the lucky ones.

This is a sun bear, the smallest bear in the world.

An awesome picture of an orangutan.

Another orangutan.

We also saw African animals such as zebras, rhinos, giraffes, warthogs, and of course, lions. Unfortunately, their pictures were on the camera that we lost.

 I and Papa were tired, so we decided to just see the elephant show and go home. Here, the elephant is balancing itself on this log.

The elephants in this picture are pushing logs out of the water. Those yellow things are elephant dung. One of them pooped in the middle of the show.

The elephant show wasn’t very entertaining to me since the elephants just pushed logs, pick up stuff, spray water, and pretend to fall asleep.

On our way out of the zoo, we passed by the white tigers again. They were awake this time!

We went back to the hotel after this and cancelled our plan to go to the Night Safari since I and Papa were more than ready to rest our weary feet. (I realized how out of shape I was since the only exercise I get is going up and down the stairs at school.)

Us at the Taste Restaurant in Ibis Hotel on Bencoolen. We ordered chili crab. Though there was very little of it, it still tasted awesome.

Christmas Day entry coming up!

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